Dolvik 26R

Thrills Await on the Water

For those who crave adventure, the Dolvik 26 R is your ultimate companion. Built for speed and excitement, this utility and ski boat combines pine strips and mahogany for a lightweight yet durable construction. Powered by twin Mercruiser V8 engines, it effortlessly glides across the water at up to 60 knots. With ample fuel capacity and customizable features, from the cockpit layout to the interior design, the Dolvik 26 R ensures every outing is an exhilarating experience.

Take your water adventures up a notch with the Dolvik 26 R—where excitement meets elegance. Its tough pine and mahogany mix means it’s not just fast, but durable too, ready for whatever you throw at it. Let those dual Mercruiser V8 engines whisk you away to new horizons, promising thrills at every turn. Designed to fit your style, from cockpit setup to interior touches, the Dolvik 26 R isn’t just a boat; it’s a ticket to your ultimate aquatic escapades.

26 ft


8 ft


58 knots

Top speed


Specification & features


2 x Mercury® MerCruiser®: 6.2L 350


2 x 350 HP


Not specified


245 cm

Fuel tank

550 Ltr, stainless steel


Depends on fuel capacity and cruising speed


Suitable for a small group


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