Dolvik 28

The Ultimate Luxury Cruiser

Hitting the waves in the Dolvik 28 isn’t just a journey, it’s a statement. Crafted with precision and tailored to your desires, this high-end 28-foot cruiser can reach speeds exceeding 60 knots. Imagine the freedom of customizing every detail, from the design to the onboard amenities. Whether you’re exploring open seas or hosting an intimate gathering, the Dolvik 28 delivers unparalleled performance and luxury. Step aboard and experience the epitome of maritime elegance.

Embark on a voyage where luxury meets adventure, where each wave whispers tales of opulence. With our Dolvik 28, the possibilities stretch as far as the horizon. From the sleek design to the sumptuous onboard features, indulge in a world where every detail reflects your unique style. Whether you’re seeking solitude amidst the vast ocean or seeking to entertain guests in style, the Dolvik 28 is your gateway to a life of unmatched refinement on the water.

28 ft


8 ft


60+ knots

Top speed


Specification & features




Varies based on customization

Cruising speed

Varies based on customization


Varies based on customization


Range 28 feet

Fuel capacity

Not specified

Fuel consumption

Varies based on engine and speed


Depends on fuel capacity and cruising speed


Varies based on boat size and layout


Customized pricing based on options and features